The Best Casino is the One from up North - the Maple Casino

Great games, great odds, great jackpots. That's what makes the Maple casino one of the best casinos online. Choose from hundreds of games and variations of all your favorite classic casino games. Poker, craps, slots, blackjack, and roulette are just a few of the games offered from the folks who live where it snows. When the blizzard hits, don't go out. Stay and home and have fun at the Maple casino. You might even hit the big jackpot - all without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Maple Casino Bonus - One of the best Online

The Maple Casino offers a great casino bonus when you sign up. Just create a new account and you will be eligible for the giant 150% casino bonus. Here's how it works. Just register a new account and deposit $40, and the Maple casino will throw in an additional $60 to give you a total of $100 in your account. Now you can play knowing that the Maple casino is playing with you. So now you can increase the amount of time you play online without worrying about risking too much of your own cash. What could be a better way to play. Just a little Canadian hospitality.

The Canadian internet casino guide has chosen MapleCasino as one of Canada's finest gambling sites. With its new mobile casino app, Maple are preparing their infrastructure for a mobile gaming future.

The Maple Casino is a Great Online Canadian Casino

Let's face it, Canada gets hit by more snow and freezing temperatures than most places on Earth. That's why so many Canadians are now gaming online. When the roads are shut down and the wind is howling, you can either watch hockey on television or play online games. Watching hockey is great, but you can't win real cash from a telecast. Not the case with the maple Casino. In fact, with the casino bonus, as soon as you sign up you are a winner. Its like starting the game with a three goal lead! That's what makes Maple a great online Canadian casino.

How Many Games Could you Play?

Just how many different casino games and variations could you play at the Maple casino. Well, let's say you played each game for an hour. It would take you twelve and one half days just to play each game once! That's right, the Maple Casino now has over 300 different games and variations. Did you think that roulette, craps, slots, and blackjack were European. Well, now they are Canadian - at least when you play at the Maple Casino.