Shaping the Canadian Gaming Industry

In an industry in which safety, security, and quality are such great concerns, it makes sense that there would be organizations in place to shape and monitor the face of the industry itself. This is especially true for the online casino gaming industry; players needs to rest assured that their personal and financial information will not be falling into the wrong hands. For Canadian online gamers, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is an organization of much value. The Commission works hard to shape the online casino gaming industry into one which is safe, secure, and enjoyable for all.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses many of the Canadian online casinos, mostly but not solely within the Kahnawake Mohawk territory, and sets regulations for how they may interact with their players and amongst each other. The Commission holds its clients to certain standards, all of which are listed in some detail on the Commission's website:

Among these standards are precautions that protect the security and privacy of online casino gamers' information and betting practices. For example, the Commission forbids its client casinos from accepting any sort of financial transaction conducted vocally, either over the internet or by telephone. This is a standard security practice in any industry which involves financial information, and it is a good one.

The goals of all of the Commission's various regulations are the same, and are listed on their website, one by one:

  • That only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate.
  • That the games offered are fair to the player.
  • That winners are paid.

    Hence, you can be sure when you're playing at a casino licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission - the game will be safe, secure, and fair, as per the Commission's set goals.