Canadian Casino Bonus

Canadians have a reputation as individuals who are careful and conservative with their finances. Canadians don't generally invest wisely and don't like to take risks with their funds. That's why Canadian gamblers take advantage of the Canadian casino bonus packages.These bonus promotions are offers by Canadian casinos online and give gamers the opportunity to play more games for more time without adding any additional deposits. Best of all, players take home the payouts that they achieve from these online casino bonus give-aways. 

The online casino free bonus gifts are applicable to all casino games and through all of the casino's gaming platforms. Regardless of whether you play on your desktop or laptop PC at the Download or Instant Casino or via your smartphone or tablet device at the mobile casino you'll enjoy the best online casino bonus prizes through your personal online casino account. 


Casinos didn't always give bonuses to the gamers who frequented the gambling floors. Early French Riviera land-based casinos didn't offer bonuses to their players who were, by and large, members of Europe's royal families and other members of high society.

But when the early Las Vegas operators began to develop the Las Vegas strip, they understood that casual gamers were looking for enticements that would convince them to choose one casino venue over the other. In order to lure these players into their casinos the operators began to offer bonus points that the players could use to purchase meals, accommodations and entertainment tickets at the casino.

When the Canadian online casino opened the casinos wanted to continue to pass on profits from their casino activities in the form of online casino no deposit bonus give-aways but they preferred to deliver these bonus rewards in the form of cash prizes.

Today you can significantly increase your take-home prizes that you realize from your gambling activities through Canadian casino bonus gifts.

Bonus Credits

The bonus credits are probably one of the most lucrative types of no deposit bonus prizes that you can collect. The match credits match the credits that you deposit with matching game credits which allows you to double the number of games that you play and take home all of the wins, even the wins that occur as a result of your no deposit credits. You receive credits as part of your Welcome Bonus Package. The credits are delivered on your initial deposits to allow you to assess the casino, the casino's amenities and the different games in an atmosphere of comfortable and pressure-free exploration.    

Bonus Points

The casino's Loyalty Points programme awards Loyalty Points to gamers based on the games that they play and the level of their deposits. As players accrue more and more loyalty points they more higher and higher up the Loyalty points ladder which allows them to achieve bigger and better trade-ins for those points. 

If you have a low number of loyalty points you can trade them in for basic gifts such as cashback deals, free spins and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. If you achieve a large number of Loyalty Points you can redeem them for big-ticket items such as luxury gifts, vacation packages and cruises.

Casino Cash

Casino cash is exactly that – free cash that you can use on any of the games of your choice. Whereas the number of Loyalty Points that you earn is based on the games that you play, the credits are awarded to new players and the free spins are good for the slot machines, casino cash is plain cash that you can use on any of the casino games at your leisure.

You can receive casino cash as a Welcome Bonus gift or through some of the casino's promotional contests or draws. The casino cash is a very worthwhile reward. 

Free Spins

Free spins are special casino give-aways that allow slots players to spin the reels of their favourite slot machines for free and collect the prizes that result from those spins.

Sometimes the free spins are awarded for specific games and sometimes you receive free spins which are applicable to any of your preferred slots. if you're a slots enthusiast the free spins make your slots event a more exciting and enthralling gaming experience.

Game Bonuses

The casino bonuses are added onto the game's regular bonus rounds for a more satisfying casino adventure of fun and excitement.

Some games offer you extra bonus rounds of play while in slots games you'll receive extra spins of the reels along with additional types of bonus prizes. 

If you're lucky you may achieve a bonus round that retriggers and multiplies your bonus gifts. There are also bonus round with multipliers in which the payouts are multiplied by a pre-determined multiplier value.

All of these bonuses create a highly engaging and rewarding casino experience.

Casino Games

The Canadian online casino offers a wide range of casino games to ensure that you'll enjoy the type of game that meets your individual interests, tastes, gaming level and bankroll. For players who enjoy the classic casino experience the online casino of Canada presents multiple types of card and table games including roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack and poker.

You can also select one of the dozens of variations of these games with options that include multi-player and multi-deck games for the card games, multi-wheel games for roulette gamers plus much more.

In the slots room slots enthusiasts can find both three-reel classic slot machines and five-reel video slots plus many different types of slots storylines and themes. There are slot machines that offer simple spin-and-win entertainment and slots with interactive elements that will keep you on your toes. 

Mobile Gaming Entertainment

Mobile users are invited to play at the Canadian Casino on their hand-held smartphone or tablet device. The mobile casino supports a wide variety of operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS systems which all connect to the casino through WiFi or cellular connectivity.

You can collect your Canadian casino bonus whenever and from wherever you play via your personal account and apply the bonus spins, cash, points or credits to your games at your leisure.