Forget Poker - Online Bingo at the All Bingo Club

Looking for something new? Start by playing something old -- the classic game of Bingo. Wait, don't think of over-heated church social halls and crowds squeezed together. Today you can play online Bingo in the best casinos, online casinos that is. The best of the best is the famous All bingo Club. This is an online site that is dedicated to Bingo. Nothing else, just the virtual numbers, cards, and chips. Get a row or column, and you will be winning cash - instantly.

The Green Casino Bonus at All Bingo

Many casinos offer a casino bonus just for signing up. At The All Bingo Club, you not only get a casino bonus, but so does the planet! How does this work. Right now, for every new person who signs up, the All Bingo Club will plant a tree to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Yes, by playing Bingo you are helping to save the Earth and make the world a more beautiful place. Try and find another online casino that cares as much about the environment. And while you are feeling good about helping nature, you can use the real cash casino bonus to play online Bingo. It's a win-win proposition.

Bingo for Canada

The All Bingo Club welcomes players from the Great White North. Canadians will feel right at home at the virtual bingo card tables of the All Bingo Club. It's like an online Canadian Casino. Check out the "Meet the Roomies" section of the site where players can post their actual pictures and a short bio. So many are from Canada - what do they know about the All Bingo Club, the choice for serious Bingo players from Canada.

Lots of Bingo varieties

The All Bingo Club has lots of Bingo varieties. Win by matching rows or columns or combinations. Play 90 Ball Bingo and join one of the ten games and hour that start twenty-four hours every day. Or try your luck at the progressive jackpot which could be worth millions if you are the first to match your whole card.

Bingo is a Social Game!

Many people play Bingo because they love to meet new people and socialize. The only problem is that they may miss a key number while chatting. The All Bingo Club has solved this problem by letting you chat without worry. You can chat online with fellow players in Canada and around the world. Meanwhile, your card will be automatically marked when a number is called. That way you can keep on talking even while you play and hopefully….win!